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Pentagram-GoldAt an early age I saw visions and could see where people were headed and what their problems are. I did not understand this when I was so young. Now that I have been trained and am required to continue training. I have not found anyone with the gifts I have to help people in ways that are astonishing. So far I am the only practitioner that dose these intense life readings.

I found myself attracted to the Magical Arts, The Craft and other Earth Wisdom practices. When I wad 17 and walked into a shop called The Cat and I was intrigued by this wonderful place. I soon found myself training in Magic and Divination with the owner for 15 years.

I continued my training with a Shaman in a place called Panpipes. I studied Magic, Divination, Earth Wisdom and started officially doing life readings. I studied with him for over 10 years.

I am a practitioner of The Craft, Magic, Astrology, Numerology and Earth Wisdom for over 30 years.

Now do not be scared of the pentagram. It has noting to do with anything negative or satanic. The upright Pentagram has and will always be the sign of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water with the North reserved for the God and Goddess. I know about all the fake and the charlatans out there. I have have had to deal with them most of my life and I am sure others have as well. I practice some serious deviation and magic and not novelty.

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-- Jüngney Readings